How to Stop Storing Encrypted Pages To Disk in Internet Explorer

When you browse the internet lots of temporary data gets stored inside your computer (as temporary internet files). IE also stores data from secure web pages (SSL pages). This may cause security threat as some malware could access the data stored on your computer and may expose your data. This data may be your form data, personal information, credit card number or any password. You have to tell your browser not to save the encrypted data on your computer.

To stop saving encrypted page to your computer you have to make some minor changes in the settings of your Internet Explorer browser. On IE click on Tools > Internet Options > Advanced. Here you’ll find plenty of options. Scroll down to the Security section to check the box next to “Do not save encrypted pages to disk”. Click OK.


That’s all. Now Internet Explorer will not save any encrypted page locally on your computer. Now if your computer may get attacked by any malware you don’t need to worry. But it is advisable that you should use a nice Antivirus software to make your PC secure from virus attacks.

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