How To Switch To Full Screen Mode in Google Reader

Google Reader recently rolled out with full screen mode feature. It means you can cut all the clutter inside the reader and read the article without any fuzz. There are several extensions and scripts present to do the same.

To switch to full screen mode, simply press the letter f of your keyboard. You’ll be immediately switched to full screen mode. To come back to the original reader mode, press the f button again.

At full screen mode all the all the sidebar navigation, the external links, the search box will disappear and you’ll get a cleaner interface to read the main content.

To get the “Mark as read”, “Refresh” and “Feed Settings” button, hover your mouse to the top of the window (just below address bar).


Rest of the reader works in this mode. For example, press “Shift+u” to switch to sidebar navigation. To open the subscription, press “Shift+o”. j,k, will move your subscription down and up. “Shift+j/k lets you move up and down in the navigation sidebar.

Overall, the new full screen feature is a nice feature for those who spend most of their time in reading articles in Google reader.

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