How To Sync Bookmarks, Themes, Extensions, Preferences in Google Chrome

Chrome latest version (6.0.472.59) supports bookmark as well as theme, extensions and preferences sync. It means you can save all these data in a cloud (Google account) and later use it anytime, anywhere in the world to sync data with another computer. Let’s see how you can sync data in Chrome browser.

1. Click on the wrench icon given at the top right in Chrome browser. Then click on the “Options”.


2. Under “Personal Stuff” tab click on the “Set up sync” button.


3. A “set up sync” window will pop up. Enter your Gmail ID and password in the field and click the “Sign in” button.


4. It will ask you whether you want to keep everything synced or you want to choose some specific items to sync. For example, you can sync Autofill, Preferences, Bookmarks, themes and extensions using this feature. After selecting the correct option, click the OK button.


5. It will start syncing your data. After finishing the sync, you’ll get a notification. Click OK button and enjoy.

If you previously used this feature then it will bring all the bookmarks, extensions, themes, preferences back to your Chrome browser. If you are using this feature first time then all the data will store in your Google account and you can transfer (or sync) it with another computer.

That is how you can sync all the data between Chrome browsers installed in different computers. It would be great to see password syncing in Google Chrome, which is expected to arrive in next stable version (Chrome 7).

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