How To Sync Passwords In Google Chrome [Canary Build]

Password sync is now available in Google Chrome Canary build version and sooner it will be available in Chrome stable version too. If you don’t know about Chrome Canary build then you can check my previous article Chrome release channels. This guide tells you how you can sync password in Google Chrome Canary Build.

1. Download and install Chrome Canary Build.

2. Click on wrench icon at the top right and then click Options.

chrome options

3. In the options panel, go to Personal Stuff tab and then click on “Set up sync” button.


4. Enter the email and password of your Google account in the credential box. Your data will store inside your Google account and it will be available anytime on request.


Password sync is a new feature added in Canary build (We’ll see it soon in stable version). Check the box next to Password and click OK.


Other new thing added in Chrome is the Encryption tab. Google encrypt the data while it is transferred to Google servers. So you don’t need to worry about security. You can use sync passphrase to encrypt your data. You have to remember the passphrase because it is needed if you want to sync your data on other computers.


Your password is synced now. You can use the same method to get all the data on it. It will come in handy if you need to sync data between Windows, Mac and Linux computers because Chrome is available everywhere.

That’s how you can sync your data along with password in Chrome. The new feature is really amazing as it ended the need of third part tool such as Xmarks or Lastpass to sync password data.

Note: It syncs only those accounts passwords which are saved in Google Chrome. To save password click on “Save password” button which appears every time you login into any web service first time.

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