How to Sync you Bookmark in Google Chrome

Previously on Blogtechnika we told you about synchronization of Bookmark with Google Chrome. Here is the step by step tutorial on How to Sync your Bookmark in Google Chrome. To use this feature you need to switch to Developer version of Google chrome.

After installing dev version right click on your Chrome browser icon. Go to properties.


In a shortcut menu you will see a target box. Add --enable-sync behind the target as shown in a screenshot.

Bookmark sync2

Go to wrench icon > Sync my bookmark

bookmark sync

Sync my bookmarks window will appear on your screen. Just sign in with your Google account and enjoy bookmark synchronization.

bookmark sync1

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  1. From a long time I use Mozzila Firefox but from few weeks I am using Chrome because I found it fastest browser and easy to use. I think you have a lot of information on this and may help me more and certainly I am going to subscribe Blogtechnika.

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