How To Take Panorama Photos From Right To Left On iOS 6

iOS has bought with it few really key features and one of such features is the Panorama mode that is available in camera. A panorama is basically a wide shot of any place taken by stitching about 4-5 still images together. It is surprising that Apple have only now woken up to the demand of Panorama. There are plenty of third party applications in Apple Store that have the ability to generate these Panorama images. However, having something right out of the box is so much better and stable too. Yet there is a little short coming about this panorama mode. It can be shot only from left to right. But what if you want to take the image from right to left, what to do then? One solution is probably going to the extreme left and doing left to right once again, but if you own a $600+ Smart phone, you expect it to behave smartly and handle the problem. Well we have the perfect solution.

The simple trick was discovered accidentally, but never the less it is a very easy thing. If you tap on any place in the screen while shooting panorama, it focuses the image at that point, but if you just tap once on the panorama bar, the direction simply gets reversed.  In case you want to get back your default setting ie from left to right, you just have to tap the panorama bar once again. It is an extremely simple thing, and one that plenty of people had no clue about.

Hope this little trick was helpful for all those with iOS 6. Do let us know if you find any more such tricks.


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