How To Take Screenshots On HTC One X

HTC has definitely found a perfect winner in the form of One X. However, having used this device for over a period of time, I have come across plenty of shortcuts that HTC has not really told its users about. One such feature is the ability to take screenshots on the device. It is common knowledge that when Google released ICS it added the feature of taking screenshots onboard. However, all the devices have implemented this functionality differently and there is litle knowledge about how to do this on the HTC One X.

It is an extremely easy method to take the screenshot. All you have to do is press the power button on the top for a few seconds and press the home button simultaneously. A screenshot of the device is taken and then added to your gallery of the device. This is an extremely handy feature for those who want to preserve important information displayed on their phone’s display. It is actually very helpful when you are trying to compare two benchmark performances of the device while changing the ROM or the Kernel of the device.

It is an extremely easy way and must work on your HTC One X, be it the International or the AT&T version. This is the easiest way of taking screenshots on the device. You do not have to root the phone or use any third party application for it to work. The images are 1280×720 pixels which is the device resolution.

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