How To Take Screenshots On Your Android Phone

Android has taken over majority of the mobile phone market and i personally feel it is an amazing platform. The best part is, it being open source provides a lot of opportunities for people to play around with the system. There are lots of dedicated communities online that can provide you with any information on the android product be it a simple version upgrade to installing a custom rom !

The other day i was fiddling around with my Samsung Galaxy S when i discovered something ! I was able to capture the screen shot on my device by pressing two buttons at a time. Just press and hold the “back” button and while holding it tap the “home” button and voila ! you will get a message on the screen as “screen captured”.


Now this i did with my Galaxy S running gingerbread. Also, i have tried it on Froyo and it works fine for both the versions. Below is a Captured Screen.



I Am not sure whether this trick will work with other devices or any other version of the android O.S.Please try for yourself and let us know here on BlogTechnika. Keep Visiting for more such tricks.

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  1. As i mentioned it might not work with all the phones….will let you know if there is any other method to capture screen for htc phones… come back and check this space…

  2. Arpit Roy,
    If your phone is rooted, there are multiple free applications in the market place free of cost to take screenshots. The method is for a particular ROM!

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