How To Track Your Mouse Movement To Create A Beautiful MousePath

Isn’t it intresting to know about the path makes by your mouse after hours of work on computer. There is a tool available which tracks mouse movement and create a mouse path history. It shows the tracking result in real time. Anatoly Zenkov made a nice java application which was known as Mousepath. After sometime, he and his colleague Andrey Shipilov decided to modify it as a perfect Windows application.

They made a nice windows application known as IOGraph. It requireds Java to run. You should get Java installed on your PC. Download Java here.

Now download the application. Click on it to run it. Click on “Run” button in the appeared window.


IOGraph application will start. Click on the black dot given at the centre to start the mouse tracking. On thing to note that, whenever you stop your mouse, it makes a black dot at that place so that you can track how many times you stopped your mouse. This feature can be turned off by selecting the option in the control panel.


You can move your mouse to draw a pattern. Minimize the window and do your work normally. After an hour, maximize the tool. You’ll find a nice pattern. You can do fun by sharing it with your friends on social media sites and ask them about the picture. Also you can set it as a wallpaper.


The image can be saved in png format by clicking the save image button given above the “Show control panel” button. One nice thing about this tool is it shows time in the interface and also you can anytime pause and start the mouse tracking. It will help if you are going outside somewhere by keeping your computer ON.

The tool is easy to use. Currently it is only available for Windows users only.

Download IOGraph.

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