How To Troubleshoot DNS Problems (An Infographic)

Every now and then we like to bring to you a few interesting infographics. The reason for this simply being that, we all know how boring it cold be reading the same sort of text in the same sort of font, and for scientific reasons we all know that a human mind is able to register images and statistical data better than just plain normal text. So, here is an interesting infographic that teaches you what to do in case you face troubles with DNS Error.

Everyone who has used a laptop and an internet knows how frustrating DNS Errors can be. DNS stands for Domain Name System and basically just names the various different peripherals attached to the internet. Be it services or private networks or any other thing, to basically resolve an address you need DNS. A simple way to understand it is that it resolves the human written addresses to the right IP Address so you can locate what you wish to. If you have encountered DNS error then the most common way to resolve it apart from calling on your Network service provider is to switch the modem off and on again. However, sometimes, the error can be a little more complex to resolve, in that case, refer to the infographic below.




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