How to Turn Auto Play Off on Instagram

Facebook recently added the feature to share short 15 seconds videos to its already existing Image sharing service Instagram. However, this also means that people who are on limited Data will have to sweat before opening the app as it would automatically start playing Videos. These videos do hog a fair amount of data and if you are looking at a way to escape without having to give up on the application then here is a short tutorial to help you switch the auto playback of videos on Instagram app in a perfectly easy and simple way without having to do anything unethical.

This tutorial is true for both Android as well as iOS versions of Instagram as the application is practically the same on both the platforms.

1) Open the Application and click on the right most icon which will take you to your profile.


2) Now click on the three dots menu on the top right of the applications which will take you to options.


3) Under account, just uncheck the box which says ‘Auto Play Videos’

There it is, job done, now you can browse Instagram how you normally would and tap in the video once to play the video and again to pause it. This would ensure that the video does not simply start playing as you open the app and help you preserve both, the battery life and mobile data.

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