How to Turn Blinkfeed off on the HTC One (M8)

HTC M8 is perhaps the best designed smartphone of 2014 taking cues from the immensely well appreciated HTC M7. For HTC’s sake, we hope that this appreciation would also convert into sales numbers would would help the company come out of its mini slump that engulfs it currently. However, the M8 is not all about beautiful hardware, it also has some really nifty features when it comes to the software side.

M8 Blinkfeed off

The HTC Sense 6 is definitely an improvement on the Sense 5 and perhaps one of the very few OEM designed skins that are worth trading for Vanilla Android. One of the features on the Sense UI that received major changes is Blinkfeed. The news aggregator section automatically is se as the first screen on your springboard. While Blinkfeed is without any doubt more comprehensive than ever, it may not appeal to those who just want to get to their device and get the job done.

With Sense 6, it is now possible to turn Blinkfeed off. To do this, all you need to do is follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go into Settings app of the device.

Step 2: In settings, you must look under personal, and click on personalize.

Step 3: When you are inside personalize, under homescreen, you will find ‘Manage home screen pages’. Click that.

Step 4: You will be greeted with all te home screen places side by side, simply go to Blinkfeed page and click on remove.

Once you do that, Blinkfeed will automatically be gone. That’s it, you are done and your phone will directly unlock to your desktop and not Blinkfeed.

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