How to Turn Hibernate Feature On And Off in Windows 7

Hibernate mode is a power saver mode or we can say a life saver feature of Windows 7 that transfer all your opened documents and programs on hard disk before turn it off. When you start your computer again it will bring back all your work. Also this modes doesn’t consumes any power, unlike sleep mode.

But as stated Hibernate mode consumes your hard disk space therefore if you don’t want to use this feature on your PC then you can always turn it off. All you need to do is open cmd command prompt and type some commands.

Click on “Start” button and type cmd in the search box.

Right click on cmd and select “Run as administrator”.

windows 7-cmd-administrator

Now in the command prompt type the command powercfg /hibernate off and press Enter.


Now click on Start button and then a small arrow next to the Shut down, you’ll see there is no hibernate option present.


To turn the feature on you have to open command prompt again as administrator and type the command powercfg /hibernate on and press Enter.

hibernate-on-windows 7

Now you’ll see the hibernate option present in the power options in the start menu.


That is how you can turn the hibernate feature on or off via command prompt. Do you know any other method to turn it off. Feel free to mention in the comment section.

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  1. @Admin I have tried the following trick, But its not working on my windows 7 ,
    I am Currently using ” Windows 7 Extreme Edition R1 “. . . . .
    Plz help me out

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