How to Turn Off BlinkFeed in latest HTC Sense 5.5

BlinkFeed is a nice way to keep yourself updated with latest happenings all around the world. It came embedded with HTC Sense 5. With the help of BlinkFeed you can customize your phone home screen by adding news sources and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

This new feature also became one of the most irritating feature to users who don’t want news on home page. And HTC gave no option to turn off this feature. To turn off, you can only change launcher of your phone, but that completely change the feel of HTC phone.

To solve this problem, HTC brings Sense 5.5, which is coming in latest HTC One Max phone. By going to home screen overview page, you can easily turn it off.

  • You need to pinch your fingers on screen.
  • A home screen overview will appear. You can see BlinkFeed On/Off button on left top.
  • By using this button you can easily turn off or turn on the feature.

Here is a nice video by Android Central describing the procedure:

[via AndroidCentral].

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