How To Turn On Google Multiple Sign in Feature

Google recently rolled out with multiple sign in feature. It means you can login to multiple Google (including Gmail) accounts in the same browser. No need to press “Ctrl+Shift+N” to start incognito mode in Chrome now.

To start with the service, go to and login with your Google credentials. Now click on Settings –> Google account settings.


On account settings page, under Multiple sign-in section, click on the “Change” link.


A new page will appear along with the notification in yellow color. This facility is currently available on Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Sites, Google Reader and Google Code.

Click on the On option and check all the boxes under it (obviously read them carefully before checking). After checking, click on the “Save changes” button.


Now go to any of the above mentioned sites on which Google multiple login feature works. For example, I login to my Gmail account. On the top right, a drop-down appears next to my email address.

Click on the drop down and then click on “Sign in to another account”. A new tab will open, sign in with another Gmail account.


That’s how you can activate and use Google’s latest multiple sign in feature.

[Thanks Google Oprating System]

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  1. Useful tutorial and great feature from Gmail team.. Though I don’t think I will be using it..since I already forwarded all my Emails into one Gmail… Are you using it himanshu?

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