How To Turn On or Off Windows 7 Explorer Panes

Windows 7 explorer comes with some nice customizable options by which you can show or hide some elements from it. In Windows explorer the main elements are address bar, menu bar, and panes (navigation, contents, details and preview). Given below is the image along with name of all the elements.


If you want to turn of any particular pane then you can do it easily. Just click on “organize” drop down. Click on layout. In the screenshot shown below, every options shown under layout are checked. Click on elements name to uncheck them.


For example I clicked on Details pane, Menu bar pane and Navigational pane to turn them off. Now you can see in the below screenshot that only navigational pane is present and rest of them are inactive. You can anytime turn them on by selecting the options again.


I generally prefer navigational and details pane so that I can switch to any file quickly and also I can see the details of file by just clicking on it. Which pane do you prefer in your Windows explorer? Tell us in comments.

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