How to Turn your Chrome Browser into a Notepad?

We all like to take notes constantly. Yet, most of us prefer to have a stand alone Note taking application to help us take notes and maybe sync across different devices. Several free apps like Notepad for Windows or Simplenote are available for Mac. You could also use something like Evernote for a more feature packed writing and sync it with your mobile device via cloud. But what if, that is not what you are looking for and just want to quickly scribble something temporarily and get rid of it when done. It could be anything, maybe in a boring lecture to look busy for the sake of it, we have all done it!

Notes on Chrome

To help you with this, you can simply turn the browser window on your Chrome browser into a note taking application. To convert the tab into a note taking background with light background, you need to paste the following code into the tab without the quote marks obviously.

Paste this in the URL Window and press enter:


You can go on and type away to glory once you have done this. However, what if you like writing with dark backgrounds. This is especially handy for night time scribbling as you do not want the glare of the screen to kill your eyes. To convert to a dark background Note pad simply go ahead and paste the following URL in the new tab on your browser:


That is it, it is as easy as that to convert your Chrome browser into a note taking app.

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