How to Uninstall Custom Themes From Windows XP,Vista and 7

There comes a time in every Windows user’s life, when he gets bored of the default themes in Windows and wants something new for their desktop. Then they install custom themes from the internet and live with the mods for sometime and feel “ wow this looks good!!”. But as time passes by, users always realize that this is doing more harm than good to your computer’s performance. So a user always ends up removing these custom themes after a while. If you’re looking for a way to do this but don’t know how, just follow these steps:

1. First, right click on your desktop and go to Personalize. Then apply any default themes for Windows.


2. To delete the custom theme files, you can do this by right clicking on a custom theme in the personalize menu. but this sometimes may not work because some themes you download can be viruses and you won’t be able to delete them so easily. To delete these type of themes, go to: C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\

or if your Windows is installed in any other drive, then instead of C:, go to the location in which your Windows is installed.

You can also type in the following in the Run Window or the Start menu search box and press enter: %windir%\resources\themes\

3. Now, in the themes folder, you will find all the themes that you have installed and also the themes which are present in Windows by default. There are 2 files you will need to delete to remove the theme completely from your system, a folder and a .theme file.

theme name

4. Right click on both these sets of files and delete them, even from your Recycle Bin.

This will delete the theme permanently from your computer.

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  1. I downloaded a paramount pictures theme from windows official site (RSS theme) and have been unable to use another theme since then. I will appreciate a useful tip (reply). Thanks

  2. i have windows xp i have installed windows 8 theme i deleted it from C/Resources/Themes but it was just 6kb nd even after deleting it there on my pc i have right now put Windows XP theme but still the start button is in windows 8 i cajt even find the virus please help

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