How to Untag Yourself On Instagram Photos

Instagram recently added a feature where you can ta your friends into the pictures you take. This is very similar to the feature already present on Facebook and no prizes for guessing that is where Instagram got the idea. However, this also means that it gives that much more freedom to your friends to embarrass you by tagging you into pictures you do not want to be seen at, or at least you do not want to show up in your profile. So, here is an easy way out on how you can untag yourself on Instagram photos you feel are inappropriate.

Instagram untag yourself

All you need to do is simply head over to the picture where you have been tagged, and press the tag. From the popped up list of options, you can either hide the picture from the profile, or even simply delete the tag. if the image is offensive you can also report it. All the images in which you have been tagged are available in the ‘Photos of You’ tab on the profile. You can also change how the tags are added, by simply heading over to the settings menu and under ‘photos of you’ section change the setting to ‘Add Manually’. This would let you choose in which image do you get tagged on and if it shows up on your profile page or not.

Pretty simple, is it not?

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