How To Upload Flickr Photos To Facebook

Flickr is a nice website for photograph hosting and sharing. Flickr doesn’t provide you an option to upload photos to Facebook photo album directly. There is a third party application which perform the task pretty nicely. The service is known as Flickr2Facebook. There is a seven step procedure to uploads the Flickr photos directly to your Facebook account.


1. Open Flickr2Facebook and click on the login link given in the first point. Facebook login page will appear. Enter your credentials and click on the login button. After login to Facebook account, it will redirect you to the Flickr2Facebook application access. Click on “Allow” button to allow the access.


2. Now hold the bookmarklet link and drag it to the browser’s bookmark bar.


3. Login to your Flickr account and click on the photo you want to upload on Facebook. After selecting the photograph, click on the bookmarklet you dragged on the bookmark bar in the previous step.


4. A flickr2facebook logo will appear on the middle of the photo. Click on the logo.


5. It’ll redirect you to the application along with your Facebook albums name. Select the album name on which you would like to upload the image. You can also change the caption of an image.


6. It’ll redirect you to the Facebook. Since you are using third party applicatiom to upload photo from Flickr to Facebook, it’ll ask for your permission. Click on “approve selected photos” to grant the permission. If you don’t want to upload the photo then click on “Reject selected photos” button.


7. The application will upload the photo on your Facebook album. It’ll also appear on your wall. It’ll be visible to your friends according to the privacy settings you chose.


That’s how you can upload the photos from Flickr to Facebook directly. The only feature I found missing in this application is batch uploading of photos. It takes too much time if you want to import Flickr photos to Facebook. However there is a way to batch upload images from Flickr to Facebook. I will mention the technique in the future post. Wait for it.

Check out Flickr2Facebook to upload photos from Flickr to Facebook directly.

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  1. It’s always good to have everything in order, all photos I’ve ever uploaded to flickr are in one folder. As I got my facebook-account pretty recently (yes, I signed up for facebook like 3 months ago!!!!) there were quite a lot of photos in this folder. I used a tool called clickto to upload all my photos, mostly because it was already installed on my computer (I use it for my status updates to twitter).

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