How To Upload YouTube Videos From Mobile Phone

I guess you know the process of uploading YouTube video from your computer. But uploading videos from mobile phone is not that simple. YouTube provides a facility to send video to a particular email ID.

Being a smart phone user I tried it with my phone and it works pretty well. All you need to do is a GPRS or Wi-fi connected mobile phone, a video on your mobile and few settings on YouTube from your computer. If your mobile don’t have GPRS or Wi-fi facility then also you can send video via MMS. Standard operator rates are applied. Here’s a process to upload video from YouTube.

1. Go to YouTube website, login with your credentials. Now, click on “Add/Remove Modules” link given below YouTube logo.


2. On the next page, click on the Mobile Setup link given on the left. On right, an email ID will appear. This ID looks so clunky, you can’t customize it. It is better to save this email ID as a contact on your mobile phone.


In the next step go to your mobile phone. Either make a video or find a video already present on your phone. Send the video to the email ID flashed inside YouTube interface in previous step.

After sending the mail, go to the YouTube interface on your computer. When you visit the Uploaded video link. You’ll the upload in progress.


After few seconds, you’ll receive an email, confirming the reception of video. Visit the my upload section again and you’ll find the video uploaded on YouTube.


That’s how you can upload YouTube video via mobile phone. High end phones (like Galaxy S, iPhone, palm) support direct upload, you don’t need to send the video via email.

Note:  To send the video, you need to login with your Gmail ID. By chance if any other user login with his email ID on your mobile phone and you send a video from his email ID then also the video will upload to your account.

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3 Responses

  1. Nice tutorial Mate. I have a doubt can we use the same trick for sending videos from Nokia S40 series.

  2. Everything worked, except when I got to the point where I clicked “upload” it said I need a handler to complete the upload. How can I get one on my phone and do you know if it costs money? I have a Samsung Rant. My plan is unlimited data.

  3. Every time I try to upload any videos from my phone that is longer then 15 seconds it gives me a message that says ” Exceeded Maximum Message Size ”
    I need to know what to do to upload my videos and get past this message.

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