How To Upload/Add Movies To Facebook

Facebook allows uploading videos. You can upload videos in few simple steps. But if you want to upload high definition movies on Facebook then it is not possible because Facebook only allows 1024 MB and 20 minutes videos upload. However short movie clips can be uploaded and shared.

Here are the simple steps to upload and share movies on Facebook.

1. Go to Facebook Homepage. Click on the Profile link given at the right.


2. Now click on the video camera icon given below the wall. It will expand and ask you to either upload video from your computer or record it from webcam.


3. Now click on the “Upload a video” link.


4. Click on “Choose File” button and select the video from your hard drive.


Note: Facebook doesn’t allow you to upload video greater than 1024MB and more than 20 minutes in length. So it is not possible to upload 2 hours full length movies. However you can upload it in parts. Also don’t upload the copyrighted and offensive videos to Facebook because they violates Facebook terms and conditions.

Optimizing video before uploading

If you want the best video quality in Facebook video then you can upload H.264 video with AAC audio in MOV or MP4 format. It is because H.264 has the best video compression available, and due to file size limitations (1024 MB), this format is the best format for Facebook Video.
The edge of the video should not exceed 1280px and frame rate should be below 30fps and stereo audio woth sample rate of 44,100hz.

If you are not sure how you can do all this settings, check out our previous post to convert YouTube Videos In Audio And Video Formats Online. Also if you want to download Facebook movies then check out these tools.

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