How To Use Daemon Tools Lite To Mount an ISO image file

Mounting is a process of creating a virtual CD/DVD drive inside computer hard disk so that you can access that drive anytime you want. The greatest advantage of virtual drive is no physical CD/DVD is needed to burn them if you want to make a CD from an ISO file, i.e. just make a virtual drive from ISO file.

Daemon tools lite is a free software that lets you crete virtual drives easily. To use this software, you have to download and install it first. After installation, open it. You’ll see a two areas in the tool. Right click on the lower area and select “Add SCSI Virtual Drive”. A drive will be added to the interface.


Click on “Device parameters” button.


A device parameter window will appear. Select the drive letter from the drop down. Keep DVD region as 1. Click Ok.


Now, right click on the device and select “Mount” option.


A window explorer will open. Select the ISO file you want to mount on the virtual drive.


Now check the My Computer area of your computer. It will show all the drives along with an additional virtual drive.


After testing several tools, I stick to Daemon tools lite because it is easy and free to use. It is available for Windows users only.

Do you know any other affective tool which performs the task pretty well? Mention them in the comments.

Download DAEMON Tools Lite.

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  1. Why The hack when i choose the iso file then it says this: Unable to mount image.Unable to access image file

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