How to Use Hundreds of Extra Emoticons in Gmail

Gmail comes with lots of emoticons to express your feelings via email. This includes smileys and other symbols like tea, heart, coffee, house flower, beer and many more symbols. Using these symbols is easy. While composing mail, just click on the smiley icon present on the Gmail toolbar. It will expand and shows you all the available smileys.


Now, Gmail also provides hundreds of extra emoticons via its lab feature. By default this feature is disabled. You can enable it by visiting labs page. Click on the labs icon present at the top right.


In the Labs page, scroll down to the Extra Emoji feature. Select the “Enable” option. Go to the bottom of the page and click on “Save changes”.


That’s it. Now if you click on the smiley icon at the Gmail toolbar, you’ll get hundreds of extra emoticons. You can notice that many emoticons tabs present now at the bottom whereas previously only two smiley tabs were present. Click on the tabs given at the bottom to find the relevant emoticons.


According to Gmail, these extra emoticons are made by Japanese mobile careers and used by them with special permission. Do you use emoticons in your mails to express emotions?

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