How To Use Latest Gmail Rich Signature Feature Effectively

Gmail rolled out with rich signature feature. It means you can insert images and links, change font size, colors, and many things in the signatures. Previously people used Greasemonkey scripts, Firefox and Chrome extensions to insert the rick text. This is a detailed guide to create rich signatures in Gmail. I also mentioned some tricks to find nice icons through smart Google search.

Enable the Gmail lab features

In Gmail click on Settings –> Labs. Now search for Inserting images lab features and enable it. Inserting images lab feature lets you insert images directly inside the mail. With the advent of new rick signature feature, you can also insert images inside signature but enabling this lab feature is mandatory.


How To Search For Small Icons For Signature

Google is the best place for finding icons. You have to specify your preferences in Google image search. Open Google image search and click on the “Advanced Image Search” link given next to the “Search Images” button.

google images advanced

In the advanced image search, enter the size of image you want to search. Here I typed 22 in the width and height field. You can type anything else according to your preference. Now hit the “Google Search” button.


You’ll get plenty of logos in the result. Click on it and save it on your computer.


How to add rich signatures in Gmail messages

1. Login to your Gmail account.

2. Click on Settings link given at the top right.

3. On General tab go to Signature area. Change the option from “No option” to the option given below. Here you’ll see the new Gmail signature interface (previously, there was a simple box where you can write text only.) Now you can insert images and links also and do many more things.

signatures Gmail

4. Write any text. Select the text to hyperlink. For example your blog’s or website’s address.


5. While inserting the image I found the problem. Gmail doesn’t gave me option to insert images of my computer. One solution of this problem is either directly give the image URL you found with the help of Google search or upload the icon on your Flickr or Picasa account and insert the URL of the uploaded image.


6. After inserting the icon, you should hyperlink it so that if anyone clicks on it, it would redirect him to your social media profile. Here in the example, I inserted Facebook 22X22 icon in the signature. Now I selected it and then clicked on the link icon given at the top.


7. Now enter your profile URL in the Web address section. Click “Ok”.


That’s it. Now scroll the page at the bottom and click on “Save changes” button.

Now every time you’ll compose new mail, you’ll get the created HTML signature inside it.


Note: If you use more than one email address with your Gmail account then you can add other signature for other Gmail ID. From the signature interface, select other email ID from the drop down and add other signature for that email address.

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  1. Excellent article….I like your step by step tutorials. Earlier I was using a tools to get stylish signature but that was not so handy. I am surely going to try this out 🙂

  2. Hey Wonderful Himanshu !!
    I just tried and works well 🙂

    One thing to note is.. if we use picasa, the image link location obtained by right click has to be used , and not the url in the address bar, came to know this while doing as u explained 🙂

  3. For the life of me, I can’t get this to work. I can insert and image, I can insert a hyperlink, but not together. I insert the image, click on it or highlight it, but nothing happens when I click the link button. help??

  4. Hi,
    I followed the steps. However, when i add in the link, the icon has a purple outline. How do i remove the outline?

    Please advise. Thanks!

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