How To Use Siri For Launching Navigation on Google Maps Without Jailbreak

Few days ago, Google Maps returned to iPhone and a lot of people rejoiced. They finally had an application that they can trust and routes, they knew if they followed would safely get them  to their destinations. However, Apple maps remain closely integrated with iOS 6 and still is the default application for navigation and mapping solutions. Especially if you ask the virtual assistant Siri which has been one of the success stories of Apple in the past year, then it points to you in the direction of your destination using Apple maps. Now you can never be sure how accurate the route is and there is a fat chance you want the route to be displayed using Google maps and not Apple maps. So how to go about it without having to jailbreak your device to do any complicated things is what is explained below.


All you have to do while you are asking Siri for direction, at the end of your sentence add the words “via transit”. For example if you are looking for directions between Bandra East to Andheri West in Mumbai, India, just say give me “directions to work via transit” if you have your work place ion Andheri. This would open a tab where you can select Google maps for looking at the route. Once you select Google maps, the directions would open and then you can select the transit type too, be if via foot or car etc. This is an extremely convenient and easy way to get to your destinations using Apple maps as default mapping solutions even by asking Siri.

Via: BGR


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