How To Use Snagit’s Skype Profile To Send Images Immediately To Skype Friends

Snagit is probably one of the best image capture tool available. Snagit team updated it to new version few months ago. The new version has many features. One cool feature is that, you can add many available profiles you want. Profiles are available on TechSmith website. Among these profiles, there is a Skype profile that lets you send images using Skype immediately after capture. This is useful if you are chatting with someone on Skype and want to send a screenshot immediately. This step by step guide shows you how to perform the task.

1. First of all go to Sngit 3rd party tools website and download Snagit to Skype profiles.


2. After downloading it, it’s time to install the tool, before installing, make sure Snagit is not running on your computer.

3. After installing the third party tool, run Snagit again. In the profile area, scroll the window. You’ll find three Skype profiles: Region to Skype, Windows to Skype and Scrolling Window to Skype.


4. Select any profile by clicking on it and then hit the “Capture” button.


5. If you select the “Region to Skype” profile then you have to select the region of your screen to take a screenshot of it. After taking the screenshot, it will open in the Skype editor.

6. Now edit the image in the editor. After done with the editing part, click on the correct symbol as shown in screenshot below.


7. Select the Skype friend to whom you want to send the screenshot. Click on “Send” button.


8. A notification appears which tells you that you are sending file to the Skype user.


This way receiver will receive your file. This method will come in handy if you want to teach any feature of your computer or any web service to your Skype friend.

There is one method by which you can share screen to Skype user. In next tutorial I will explain you the process.

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