How To Watch Mobile World Congress 2013 Live Telecast

Mobile World Congress is currently being held in Barcelona. It is the largest Consumer Electronics show in the world which show cases the mobile devices for the coming year. Mobile World Congress is one of the most eagerly anticipated event in the calenders of any tech enthusiast. However, some of the people who have not been able to make it to Barcelona for whatever reason, apart from waiting for news feed from sites to come in, there are quite a few ways they can follow the happenings and the launches at Mobile World Congress.


1) The easiest way to stay updated and know the happenings live is to follow the event on its official stream on Mobile World Congress Site here. This live TV stream brings lots of interviews and events as they unfold in Barcelona. The feed goes on as long as the event is active and you can listen to lots of interesting debates as well as exclusive interviews with CEO’s and CTO’s of various companies. You can also watch the keynotes and get a great insight to what goes on at Mobile World Congress in case you wish to attend one next year or are just generally curious.

2) The second way to follow the Mobile World Congress is to follow sites such at The Verge or CNET for a live feed and most of the big companies do have a live stream for their keynotes on official sites or a site dedicated to Mobile World Congress. This method does require some research but we found to our surprise that streams from official companies work better and have more clarity as compared to the MWC live stream.

So, we hope these two methods would help you to follow Mobile World Congress live in Barcelona and you do not miss all the technology action as it unfolds. You can follow us on Twitter at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp to know more about Mobile World Congress and the events happening there.

Edit: The event has ended so the links have been unlinked.


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