How to Watch Movies For Free on Your Smart Phone

One thing we all love is movies and fact is it is even better if the movies are available for free. One trouble with internet though is that most of the movies available are illegal downloads and such, and we at Blogtechnika are passionate about doing things the right way. So, here is a nice legal way to pass some time and catch your favorite movies.

All you need is a Smartphone with a browser supporting flash.


Point your mobile browser to and let the site load. Here you have the catalogue to various movies and let the movie buffer and enjoy it.

However a word of caution to all the viewers, this is a rather battery consuming process so I’d suggest you avoid it when the battery indicators are on the fall. Also people who are on limited data usage plan should stay away and preferably use wi-fi because again this is a rather high data consuming. Also make sure that this is a desktop version of the YouTube site that would open and not a mobile version but you don’t have to worry much as this works like a charm.

So what are you waiting for, if you have time on the hands, enough battery and are getting bored, why not watch a movie and share with us which one did you see?

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