How To Wirelessly Transfer Contacts from Blackberry to iPhone

There has always been an ambiguity about transferring contacts from a blackberry device to iPhone. In the following post, I am trying to remove all doubts about how its done.

Transferring contacts from your blackberry device to an iPhone is very simple. Just follow the below mentioned steps and it’ll be done:

Preliminary requirements: Blackberry device, iPhone, internet connection, Gmail account.


Step 1: Open the web browser of your blackberry device , and in the address field , enter the following address: “” . It will take you the page where you can install the Google sync application. Its about 400 kb and hence will be downloaded in about 30 seconds.

Step 2: Once the application is downloaded, open it on your phone, enter your Gmail account details , and tick mark the option of sync contacts. Once you do this, all your information will be up on your Google mail contact.

Step 3: Take your iPhone, Go to email setup, select “Microsoft Exchange”, Enter your Gmail account details, and leave the ‘domain’ field blank. Press the ‘Next’ button. It will verify the details with gmail server.Once its verified, another option will appear ,which is ‘server’. In the server field, you have to enter the following address ““. Press the next button.

Step 4: You will be presented with 3 options. Mail,Contacts and calendar. Choose ‘yes’ for contacts. All your contacts will be transferred to your iPhone wirelessly.


As simple as it gets, and the best part is, you don’t need a laptop or a computer to do it ! just your blackberry and iPhone.

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