How to Wrap the Macbook Charger the right way

I will be first to admit that I have a love and hate relationship with my Magsafe 2 Charger that comes with the new MacBook Air. The charger although does a great job of separating out even at the slightest stress to ensure that the machine is kept absolutely safe and doesnt fall alongside the charger. However, this can be really irritating when you are trying to work on your lap and slight force detaches the charger even if you do not need that to happen.


The charger for all it’s goodness is also pretty much an unknown quantity. we all like to simply wrap it around and stuff it in our backpacks and move on. However, did you all know that there is actually a technique and right way of wrapping the cable? Yes, we bet you did not know and there actually is a component in the charger that if you deploy helps wrap the cable right way.

This is particularly essential so that you do not entangle the wires which may lead to potential damage in terms of current leakage or shock. So, if you have a Magsafe too, instead of cursing the thing, why not have a look at the video below and actually wrap the charger the right way.



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