How useful is a Waterproof Phone? Sony Explains it in an interesting Infographic

The latest trend that most OEMs are embracing is to make the smartphones water and dustproof with highest possible IP ratings. While this may sound like a moot development to start off with, think about it, having a waterproof phone is really useful. Talking from a personal point of view, using a waterproof Sony Xperia Z1 as my main device lets me walk out in rain without having to worry one bit. While, you may obviously not tank your phone inside an aquarium for the sake of a picture, having a waterproof phone also makes sure that you are not worrying about accidentally spilling water on your device, and if you do you can totally just wipe it away.

Some of the major releases such as Samsung Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z1/Z2 both are waterproof. Even the HTC M8 to an extent can resist water given its IP X3 rating. Thus, it is not an out of mind prediction to think that waterproofing may end up becoming a standard on smartphones, a bit like front facing cameras have. but what are the other advantages of having a phone that can take a shower? Here is an infographic that Sony, who probably have the maximum numbers of waterproof devices out there, shared talking about the same:


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