How Would An iPad Mini Compare To The Original iPad?

The news regarding the launch of the iPad mini just doesn’t seem to be going away. This pretty much adheres to the popular English saying that there is no smoke without fire. And as more and more reliable sources quoting none more so than WSJ that the iPad mini which would measure around the 7.65 inch mark is indeed coming. We personally are not sure what sort of audience will the mini iPad target, but it does seem like it would be going up against the recently launched Google Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire series. However, if it can compete in the price range is the question that everybody seems to be asking.

However, apart from the  pricing point of view, it is also interesting how the applications would look like and how the form factor would be. The developers had a hard time moving their apps from iPhone to iPad and in some cases took a lot of time, with an introduction of third form factor, probably things would get a little more complicated. But all that would be answered once the device is out. However, we are really interested in seeing how the device would look in hand against the normal iPad. So here are some mock ups done by the people at Technobuffalo which keeping in mind the rumors and reports coming in are stacked up against the iPad as we know it today.

If those images or the renders are to go by, then probably the iPad Mini will be an extremely handy device for reading. However, if it would be good enough to play games and other such things would depend on the power it would pack. We do expect at the very least a dual core processor. What are your views regarding the iPad mini? Do you like the mock ups? Do let us know in the section below.

Via: Technobuffalo


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