HP and Dell Will be Coming out with Windows 8 Tablets in Q3 2012

After iOS 5 and Android 4.0 we are here with some Windows 8 news. Reports are that HP and Dell will be coming out with Windows 8 tablets in third quarter of 2012. By that time we’ll probably have ipad-3 and quad core powered Android tablets running Android 4.0.

Michael Dell already told that the company is excited about the prospects with windows 8 and they are looking forward to windows 8 devices. Dell is also supposed to launch a windows 7 running tablet later this year as they teased the 10.1 inch tablet in San Francisco back in February.

This is what Michael Dell said last week

We are very aligned with Microsoft around Windows 8. You’ll hear more about Windows 8 from us and see a wide range of products released.


HP’s touchpad has been an epic fail ensuring a disastrous start for the company in the tablet market. The touchpad could only sell a mere thousand pieces and even BestBuy couldn’t sell a lot of units of the device at a reduced price. HP has already discontinued their WebOS and tablet hinting that they’ll probably go with something more reliable i.e. Windows 8. HP has already launched Windows 7 tablet which is priced at $799 and is powered by Intel Atom Z540 1.86GHz, 2GB of RAM, 64GB SSD. HP unlike Dell has chosen to go with 8.9 inch tablet. HP’s only hope in the tablet market remains on Windows 8 and HP’s Phil McKinney, said the company is working closely with Microsoft for Windows 8.

So the third quarter seems to be promising as Windows 8 tablets will be available with lots of options. Samsung is also rumored to work on Windows 8 tablets and the tablet we saw in BUILD conference was Samsung’s series 7 slate.

Only time will tell which one of the Big 3 (Apple, Google or Microsoft) will conquer the world of tablets.

[via Winrumors].

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