HTC Announces the HTC M8 Dual SIM

HTC M8 is the device to beat in terms of flagships this year. After a fairly lukewarm reception to the LG G3, it is clear that HTC has once again a winner on its hands. Taking what was best about the HTC M7, HTC has only made things better with the M8. Also, unlike last year HTC has already announced several variants of the HTC M8 namely the M8 Mini and the E8 which is the same smartphone but in a plastic chassis as well as the M8 in several color options too.

HTC M8 Dual Sim

Today, HTC has announced the dual sim variant of the M8. This once again follows the strategy last year, where HTC had announced the dual sim version of the M7 after six months of the launch. The dual sim version was extremely popular especially in markets like Asia and South America. The dual SIM variant of the HTC M8 will go on sale in select countries like Germany and Switzerland next week onwards. It is obvious that the device would then be released globally just like last year.

The specifications as well as the internals of the dual sim variant will be exactly the same as the single sim version. However, for those who liked the golden and the silver version of the device will be very disappointed, since the M8 dual sim will be available only in gunmetal grey color. The device will cost 799 Euros when it goes on sales which approximately comes to about Rs 65,000.



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