HTC Announces The One X+

It is fairly well documented how great a phone we found the HTC One X to be. In fact I have been using the device as my daily driver for just over two months and I must say, every time I look at the device even today, I have that lustful feeling for it’s beautiful display and perfectly set up curves. The device is without a doubt the single most pretty Android smart phone on the planet, in fact it could give a proper run to even the iPhone 5 when it comes to sheer physical aspects. However, the only qualm I did have with the device was the battery back up. It just did not seem to do enough for the quad core processor that the device is running. However, it seems like HTC have heard us, and in comes HTC One X+, the successor to the One X and a device just as impressive.

HTC have said ” Our best-rated Android phone just got even better with invigorated muscle packed into a blazing 1.7GHz quad-core processor for 67% faster performance. HTC One X+ offers uncompromised response to your multiple demands starting with doubled internal storage: 64GB worth. And, it’s our longest battery life yet—up to 50% longer—with high-stamina performance and up to 6 hours more talk time.”

In short HTC have taken greatness to the whole new level. there were no events that took place and the phone was quietly launched out online. We love the massive 64 GB storage and double the battery life. The processor too is .3 GHZ faster which should be effective. However, HTC have retained most of the other goodness such as Zero Shutter lag 8 MP camera, beats Audio and a fantastic screen as seen on the ONE X. There has not been much information about the prices or the availability of the device etc. But we hope it would be available soon and in time for the festival period.

Via: HTC

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