HTC Butterfly Makes Way In To Indian Market

Android phones are selling faster than Coffee at the Star Bucks, OK maybe not that fast, but you get the drift. Safe to say that major market of smart phones today has been captured by Android and by the looks of it, this trend will continue. If you look around at the upcoming Android devices, there seems to be a distinct effort from the side of the OEM’s to make these phones beautiful. We love the iPhone not just for what it can do but the awesome looks of the device, be it the second gen iPhone or the iPhone 4 or the latest iPhone 5, the aesthetics of a device certainly play a massive role in its success. The Nexus 4, HTC One X+ and Sony Xperia Z all are devices you get blown away by the way they look just as much as by their efficient performances. However, one device stands out and it now is making its way to India. One of the most anticipated smart phones in the market, HTC Butterfly or the Droid DNA as known in US has finally found the way to India.

htc j butterfly

HTC have always done a great job when it comes to designing a smart phone. Their phones more often than not have that premium feel about them thanks to use of soft touch and lots of metal. The subtle usage of metallic strips in different colors have been a distinct feature of devices from HTC and Butterfly is no different. The device has a killer display but being placed at a starting price of about Rs. 45,999 means that it would be the single most expensive smart phone in the Indian market even eclipsing the iPhone 5 which starts at about Rs. 45,500. We are fairly sure that this price will eventually come down by a good few thousand rupees just like the One X did, but such premium pricing from HTC when they are trying to tap emerging markets like India make little sense.

Here is all the goodness that HTC Butterfly combines into a beautiful yet powerful smart phone:

Screen: The HTC Butterfly becomes one of the first devices to ship with a full HD or the 1280 P display. This display is said to be miles ahead of even the iPhone 5 which so far according to us was the benchmark to beat. The phone has a resolution of 1920 x 1280 p and sports a 5 inch LCD 3 screen measured diagonally meaning a DPI of 441.

Light Weight: From a purely specs view, the Butterfly weighs around 140 grams making it a very thin and light device to hold on to.

Android Version: To be honest, we expected HTC would release the Butterfly with Android 4.2 but according to the reports coming in, the phone is slated to be running the JellyBean version 4.1 with an update coming later to 4.2. The phone would ship with HTC Sense 4+ skin.

Battery: The HTC Butterfly has a battery of 2020mAH which is a non removable battery. We are not too big a fan of battery backups of HTC devices having struggled with the battery on the One X and One X+, and it remains to be seen if the quad core Butterfly can suffice on the specified Battery rating.

CPU: HTC Butterfly is powered by a cool quad core 1.5 GHz Quad Core Krait CPU and Adreno 320 GPU. The device has a massive RAM of 2 GB on board which means the experience would be extremely snappy.

Memory: The phone is shipping with a 16 GB internal memory and there is an added support for Micro SD expansion to about 32 GB meaning there is ample space on the device for your music and pictures.

Camera: There are two cameras on board as it is a standard these days with modern smart phones. The rear facing camera is the 8 MP shooter which does 1080P videos at 30 fps. The secondary or the front facing camera is 2.1 MP also capable of shooting 1080 P videos. There is a flash light on board to help you with photography in low light conditions.

Like already mentioned, the only down side of the device seems to be an inadequate battery and a very high market price. however, we shall reserve our comments on if it is worth the money and battery backup till we get some hands on tie with the phone and then make a call on it. Do stay tuned for a review of HTC Butterfly as we put the phone to its paces. Till then, do let us know your views on the device by writing in the section below or tweeting in to us at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.

Via: Gizbot, GSM Arena


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