HTC Confirms: Existing HTC One Devices Will Get Update To Sense 5

We all love when a new device hits the market and that temptation to try something new is one of the greatest joys in the life of a tech enthusiast. In the past few days plenty of new devices have been launched thanks to Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. However the device making all the noise currently is the HTC manufactured One. The device is probably the best smart phone til date and we all are dying to get our hands on it. Yet, when a new device is launched, the biggest sufferers are devices that were once the flagship. With the pace at which phones are launched today it takes hardly five to six months before a phone becomes obsolete.



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However, it seems like HTC are at least taking their existing devices seriously and not totally forgetting them after launching the HTC One. HTC have responded to queries on their Facebook page regarding whether the existing high end devices such as HTC One X, HTC One S, HTC One X+ and HTC Butterfly would be getting further upgrades to Sense 5 and other goodness in HTC One. The answer is positive and it makes sense that HTC would be rolling updates to these devices in future especially given the hardware on all these devices is still pretty much up to date with highest spec’d devices running Android. Here is what HTC said:

“HTC will be offering upgrades to some of its existing devices in the next few months, including global variants of HTC One X, One X+, One S and the HTC Butterfly. Also, note that some features enabled by the new HTC One hardware will not be available in the software updates.”

We are delighted with this statement from HTC and like how dedicated they are to their existing customers. Yet, the last line makes us feel that due to hardware in-capabilities, there might be a few features that may not be available. How things pan out, would be only answered by time, or the other alternative is to wait for a custom ROM and flash it.

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