HTC Has Delivered Android 4.4 to Google: Expect Update Soon for HTC One GE

Right a few hours after the update to Android 4.4 was announced, HTC had taken to its social platforms to announce that it would be going full on and supporting the new Android versions. It promised that new updates wil be lined up within a matter of weeks and looks like the firsts et of devices are going to betting the magical taste of KitKat very soon.

The GPE or the Google Phone Edition of the HTC One is set to get the update to the latest version of Android any day from now. The update has already been submitted by the Taiwan giants. It is now upto Google to access everything and give the green light to the updates. The update will be available OTA, and you can expect the Samsung Galaxy S IV GPE update very soon too.

There is also news that we may see an update on the Developer version of the HTC One within a month and the update to the International HTC One may well be out, as early as next year beginning, which is all a very impressive work from HTC. They have certainly been winning hearts in terms of updates and the HTC One has been one of teh front runners in that aspect.

Are you an owner of a GPE HTC One and excited? Let us know in the section below.

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