HTC M8 Final Images Leak out: Massive bezel at the bottom with HTC branding

We have seen several images of the HTC M8 leak out now over the past couple of weeks. However, everybody in the world of technology has been just hoping for one thing, that the bottom bezel in the device be not a true story, as they say. In the day and age where bezels are a thing of the past, especially as shown by the devices like the LG G2, Nexus 5, Samsung Note III etc, it is indeed a baffling design decision taken by HTC. This, despite the move to onscreen keys.


The bottom bezel only seems to solve one purpose and that is to sport the HTC company branding which virtually makes no sense. They could have moved the branding to the back or even to the top somewhere while either shortening the entire chassis of the device or even increasing the size of the screen estate. Apart from this, the device comes with everything you expect from a 2014 smartphone. There is reportedly a dual camera at the back and is powered by the latest Snapbdragon 800 SoC. The overall look and feel of the design remains very much metallic like the HTC One and we still have our beloved boomsound speakers. The screen size is about 5 inches, and the phone is a little more rounded as compared to the HT One. Having said all of that, we still cannot get over that bottom bezel on the phone.

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