HTC M8 Google Play Edition Gets Update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Remember Google Play Edition devices? The experiment that Google ran as a parallel line to the Nexus phones and the one that failed to pick up at all? If you do and care about it, there really can be only one reason for it, and that is you own one of the Google Play Edition Devices. And if you do, then finally there is some good news for you. The last premium product to come out of the Google Play Edition lineup was the HTC One M8 and now the device has received the update to Android Marshmallow 6.0.


Since all the Google Play Edition phones run pure stock Android out of the box, it was pretty much expected that the Google Play Edition phones would be some of the first to get the update to the latest Android Marshmallow post the Nexus phones. This time though, the Android One devices beat the GPE devices too and got the update before.

The likes of Motorola are expected to follow the tradition and be the next in line for the update to Marshmallow as they are all running pretty much close to stock Android out of the box, which means there are not a lot of changes to the code that the OEM needs to make before rolling the update out. For the HTC M8 Google Play Edition, the update is 450 MB plus in size and being rolled out in stages.

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