HTC M8 Ace Leaked on the Internet; Expected to launch with a 4.7 inch Display

We have had the HTC M8, the M8 in few fancy colors like pink, blue and black, the M8 Mini and the M8 Prime released or leaked out in the span of barely a month. Looks like that is not all and HTC is set to offer another variant of the M8 and this time it is calling it the HTC M8 Ace. The device is the a rather diminutive variant of the M8 and will be featuring a 4.7 inch display similar to the older HTC M7.


From the image leaked out, it looks to have a fairly drastic change of design from the M8 and even the leaked M8 Prime. The Ace from the outset looks a bit more rugged phone, sacrificing the finesse and class build quality of the M8 for a more solid feel.  According to the leaked screenshot, the M8 Ace will be a bit more curvilicious than the M8 and will also ditch the much discussed depth analysing secondary rear camera.

The speaker grilles of the boomsound speakers definitely cover a larger area on the M8 Ace than any other M8 variant and this could well mean the Ace will have the best sound output of any other smartphone we have seen so far. The device will come with the same 801 SoC as the M8 and is expected to be launched on June 3 alongside the M8 Prime.

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