HTC M8 Users in India and Europe are Receiving Android 4.4.3 Updates

HTC M8 users in India and Europe are reporting that they are now receiving the Android 4.4.3 update on their devices. The update comes as no surprise as HTC had announced its intentions to bring the update which will also cater to a fair few important improvements in the device. The update is being rolled out in batches so you must remain patient in case your device has not got the update yet. To check for the update on your device, go into the settings and from there, in about section of the device, click on Software Updates.

HTC m8 update

Few of the users who have received the update so far have complained of issues with the camera performance post the update saying that the device is no more able to focus as well and as fast as it used to. HTC Sense has been tweaked a fair bit to allow for a louder boomsound experience, better motion sensing capabilities and a reworked power saver mode fixing the wakelocks that were being caused due to it. Image gallery as well as the HTC Sync Manager have been updated too.

It is interesting that HTC has added all the security optimizations, including that to the Wifi as well as other wireless connectivities from Android 4.4.4 right here in the 4.4.3 update, giving way to rumors that post this update, the users will directly be taken to Android L.


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