HTC M9 to be Unveiled in India on April 14th

HTC is set to unveil its latest flagship device in India in the coming week. HTC has built what one would say is a cult following in India, though it was high time that they took this cult following to a more a hardcore sales oriented goal. The device, called the HTC M9 which is succeeding the HTC M8, was announced in Barcelona at the MWC alongside the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge which were showcased at the same event.


The M9 since has gone on sale in the part of the US and Europe and so far has received very lukewarm response. This has mainly been cause of the reports of overheating of the phone and people at times not being totally impressed with its dual tone construction. The device is set to be unveiled in India on April 14th and the media invitations for the same have started coming in. The invite specifically does not mention the M9, but does say, “Brace yourselves as we get ready to showcase the most exciting revelation in the history of smartphones” clearly indicating the device is indeed the flagship M9 here.

With the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge set to go on sale around April 10th in India, you would think that HTC is slightly late in the game given that the two devices were launched pretty much at the same time at MWC. It would not be wrong to think that with a late unveil for the media, the sale of the phone would begin pretty promptly to make sure HTC stays in the game.

Via: FoneArena

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