HTC One E9 Spotted in China By a Wireless Regulator

HTC One M9 was perhaps the most well known Android smartphone by the face, even before it had launched on the internet. In fact, if you had a penny for every story written about a leaked HTC phone in the past half year, you would be happily sitting being a millionaire. The next HTC flagship seems to be following the same trend as the HTC One E9 has been spotted in the wild in China.


The device is a slimmer and sleekier version of the HTC M9 and features a 2K display, which has become bit of an industry standard today. You have a circular camera ring on the E9 as compared to a square module on the HTC M9. The device is obviously a successor to the HTC E8 that was launched last year, and therefore you can assume that the construction will be primarily be of plastic than full metallic body.

The phone will feature a 2GHz octa-core chip with 3 GB of RAM on board and 32 GB of Internal storage with micro SD slot expansion. The rear camera will be a 20 MP unit. The phone was spotted by TENNA and the details were revealed on their website. Since the device in most likelihood has been passed by TENNA, we should hear more details on the availability and price point of the device very soon.


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