HTC One M7 Gets Unofficial Android L Port

Google announced its latest Android update in the form of Android L at Google I/O last month. However, post the announcement, Google only made the Developer preview of the new update available for Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 tablet. This left plenty of Android devices out in the soup with questions raised if Android L would even be made available for them. One such device was the Nexus 4, but Google did assure that it would be getting the update with the consumer release. Since then, Google has made several important binaries of Android L open and available to the developers.

Android L-HTC M7

As a result, several more devices can now get the unofficial ports of the Android L update and get a first look at the Material Design on their own smartphones. Heading the queue is the HTC M7 which now has a flashable ROM to take the device to the next Android sweetness. The ROM comes from one of the senior developers at XDA and once again proves how important community support is to quench the ever increasing thirst for customization among the Android lovers.

The ROM though, currently is is in Alpha stage and as expected has several bugs and important things that do not work. It is obvious you cannot use it as a daily driver at this early stage. You could flash the ROM like you would flash any ROM, in case you have a spare device lying around or simply follow the developments over on the forum. You could alternatively, also use a third party launcher like Nova Launcher to get the Android L look.

XDA Thread for the HTC M7 unffocial Android L Port

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