HTC One M9 Leaked out in More Images

HTC One M9 is expected to be rolled out at Mobile World Congress on 1st of March. Given that it is clear that HTC wants to keep the time between the announcement of the device and the time when it goes on sale relatively minimal, it is expected that from now to the launch of the device plenty of images will surface of the phone that is one of the most eagerly anticipated devices of the year 2015. After the success of the HTC M7 and M8, the M9 is the device that HTC would be expecting to lift them into green from the red that has hurt them in the years gone by.

HTC M9 Back

It looks like from the outside that HTC has got most of the things right, finally moving away from the painful Ultrapixel camera to a more conventional 20.7 MP unit. The device from the outside looks very similar to the HTC M8 and that may or may not be the best news. HTC is certainly not in a position like Apple where they can afford to simply reiterate on the old model without giving the demanding audience anything drastically new. The M9 images show a very similar fronts as the M8, though the rear camera has a square module from the round one. The contact lines too are more prominent now and the metal looks less shiny and more worked. The edges are still rounded and on the first glance the phone does look exactly like the M8.


The phone is expected to bring a 5 inch 1080 P display with Snapdragon 810 at the heart of it, which makes us wonder will there be a QHD HTC device, an all new flagship series somewhere in the middle of the year?

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