HTC One Starts to Receive Android 4.4.2 Update

Just as everyone in the world of tech is eagerly awaiting more news on what HTC is bringing to their flagship device of 2014, the Taiwanese company has gone on and delivered its promise of keeping it’s previous flagship, the hugely appreciated HTC One right up to date with the latest version of Android. Although, the update has come about 15 days later than what HTC has proclaimed initially, the One is finally receiving the taste of KitKat.


After the Moto X/ Moto G, the HTC One is the first Nexus device to receive the update and much faster than it’s closest competitor the Samsung Galaxy S IV. This must be a feather in the cap of HTC, who are facing a tough time of late. The update, like any other update is rolling out in batches and you should see it soon on your device soon. It is being reported that the update is 312 MB in size and brings the subtle changes to the device that Kitkat promises. However, interesting to note that the elements of the status bar (read battery) does not take the all white scheme that say a Nexus 5 has with Android 4.4.

For those who like details, the software version of the update is 4.19.1540.4, for America. There have been reported improvements in the on screen performances when taking calls and stand by times for the device. However, since we have not yet received the update, we are not going to comment on that just yet.

Via: Android Central

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