HTC One Successor, HTC M8 Leaks Out

It is coming soon. It would be bigger, faster and better. Yes, that is pretty much the crux of what any post which talks about the successor to any massively successful device. The HTC One was without a doubt one of the best smartphones that hit the shores of the world in 2013. It was the saving grace of HTC in an year where other devices from the Taiwanese giants failed to make much impression. Clad in ice cold Aluminum, the HTC One was without a doubt the best looking Android smartphone made. No wonder this has made the interest in it’s successor the HTC M8 even greater.

According to the leaked reports in Bloomberg, the successor of the HTC One will feature a slightly larger display at about 5 inches, which would increase the display size by .3 inches as compared to the previous flagship. There are also rumours of a Snapdragon 805 SoC on board as well as a twin sensor rear camera which aims to provide a more refined image shooting experience. However, this may not be a great news for all the users who faced issues with the 4 Ultra Pixel Camera of the HTC One. It was hoped that, HTC might have learned it’s lesson and would go the more conventional route, but doesn’t look like it.

It is reported that there would be some design changes too but metal would still be the main contraction material to keep the premium feel of the device. Another lingering question would be though, that if HTC would go ahead and call this device the HTC One 2 or just simply HTC One+ or something along those lines. Whatever it is, you could well argue that this could be the one device that could make or break HTC in the long run. Guess, we will wait and watch.

Via: Bloomberg

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