HTC One with Nexus Experience Announced

The Best Android phone out there just got the Nexus version. Yes, HTC One which has been a unanimous choice of the readers and tech enthusiasts as the best Android device out there will now be available with Stock Vanilla Android right out of the box. The HTC One will follow the footsteps of the Samsung Galaxy S IV which was announced to run the Vanilla Android at Google I/O 2013. The device will sell right from the Play Store just like any other Nexus device and will be available from June 26th onwards.


What is interesting is that device will be available for $599 which is a good $50 cheaper than a Google Version of Samsung Galaxy S IV. The device will be running stock Android 4.2.2, which would already be an increment on Android 4.1 which the HTC One normal version runs. Rest of the things remain same as the HTC’s Sense version of the HTC One. The device will be available with an unlockable boot loader and will be Sim free. The device will ship with 32 GB internal storage and will be available only in the US initially. We are very curious as to how the 4 Ultra Pixel Camera of the HTC One will perform on stock Android or if any changes will be made to it? It could well be that Vanilla Android may use the Camera as a blant 4 Mega Pixel Camera which could hamper user experience.

Either way, as tech news literally rains in, we are delighted HTC has made this move, a Google version of HTC One will definitely be a developer’s dream and it increases the chances of revival of HTC as a mobile player.

Via: HTC

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